The Benefits of Professional Roof Installation

Let’s say you’re one of those handy homeowners in Southern California who takes pride in doing home improvement projects yourself. You might take a look at your roof and think “how hard could that be to replace?”

We at Stanton RECC want to help you make the right decision to either hire a professional or DIY.

There are thousands of videos online about how to replace a roof which typically focus on one part of the process (how to get a roofing permit, how to safely demo a roof, where to buy roofing supplies, how to install a new roof, etc). There are also a few roofing supply companies in Los Angles County and Orange County that will sell directly to homeowners rather than licensed contractors.

But there are a few reasons most homeowners end up choosing to hire a roofing company instead of taking on the project themselves. From safety risks to the amount of work required to avoiding city permitting departments, we’ll give you the top reasons we’ve heard from our customers over the years.

Safety First: Avoid DIY Hazards

Roofing requires working at an elevation and often on a sloped surface. These challenges become even more difficult when dealing with tile roofs, damaged roofs or when having to replace the plywood sheathing.

One of the main benefits of professional roof installation is transferring these safety risks to professionals who are trained and licensed to handle them.

Remember, slope, height and weather conditions can all add dangerous elements to a roofing project.

Risk of Falls and Injury

Roofing is a high-risk activity and carries a significant potential for falls and serious injuries.

Every year, falls account for a majority of fatalities in the construction industry—roofing is not an exception.

Roofing professionals are trained in fall prevention and safety protocols, minimizing the risk of injury from heights and hazardous roof surfaces. They are better able to identify and avoid hidden risks such as loose shingles, weak spots and slippery surfaces created by granule loss, moss growth and more.

One of the possible roofing services you might need is sheathing replacement which is typically caused by water damage from a leak somewhere in the roofing system. Having a professional assess the state of your sheathing is beneficial on its own, but having a professional navigate replacing your sheathing while walking directly on the rafters can be a life saver.

Unseen Structural Dangers

Most roofs we see in Southern California don’t have any underlying structural issues. We’re fortunate to not have to deal with the amount of rain or snow that create stressors for the roof framing in other parts of the country. But here are some things we look for in a roofing inspection:

  1. Rotted Wood: Compromised wooden framing members (ridge, rafters/truss, purlin, sheathing) may not be visible but can give way under pressure.
  2. Corroded Fasteners: Deteriorating metal elements may fail, causing sections of the roof to become unstable.
  3. Hidden Moisture Damage: Water intrusion can weaken structural components and can be often be hard to find.
  4. Improper Previous Repairs: Past repairs may have been executed without proper technique, creating weak spots.

YouTube is a great way to gain some basic pointers but experience is the best way to identify these and other issues accurately.

Unseen Structural Dangers

Many roofing injuries have nothing to do with the roof itself.

Ladder injuries can be a serious concern for homeowners attempting to replace their own roofs. Without the proper training and experience, accidents can happen, leading to severe injuries. Climbing up and down ladders can be difficult, especially when carrying heavy roofing materials.

Exposure to the elements is another concern, especially for homeowners working on roof installations or roof repair during hot weather. Since roofing takes longer than you might think, it is crucial for homeowners to take frequent breaks, stay hydrated, and wear appropriate protective clothing. (Or just hire someone.)

Lastly, roofing is a labor-intensive project that can put your body in some awkward positions over long periods of time. The repetitive motions involved in lifting heavy materials and performing tasks like hammering can put a significant strain on the body, leading to muscle fatigue and potential injuries.

Compliance with Building Codes

A professional roof installation will follow local building codes which are in place to ensure safety, durability, and energy efficiency. These codes can be complicated and can vary from city to city. And many code issues aren’t uncovered until the inspection process when homeowners try to sell their home.

But by hiring a licensed professional, homeowners can secure peace of mind by knowing that their roofing project meets whatever requirements their city has put in place such as:

  1. Code Compliance: Ensures the roofing system meets current safety and construction standards, as outlined by local and international regulations.
  2. Permitting: Professional roofers usually take care of the permit process which can vary from city to city throughout Orange County and LA.
  3. Inspection Readiness: Most new roofs require two inspections which a commercial roofing company would set up for you.

California has also introduced ‘Cool Roof’ requirements as part of the Title 24 building code. Roofs must meet different Solar Reflective Index scores depending on the slope of the roof, type of construction and climate zone. Yeah, it can get complicated.

Durability and Warranty Protection

Professionally installed roofing systems offer a level of durability that do-it-yourself approaches can’t touch. Properly trained contractors use premium materials and follow strict installation processes that protect your roof against the elements, extending its service life.

Beyond craftsmanship, professional installations often come with labor warranties. These warranties act as a safety net, covering potential defects in materials or workmanship. This protective measure is an invaluable aspect of securing your home’s structural integrity for the long term.

The materials used by professional roofers usually come with manufacturer warranties as well that protect against defects and premature deterioration. These warranties provide an additional layer of financial protection, only available through certified contractors.

Access to Superior Materials

Professional roofing contractors have exclusive access to higher-grade materials that are not available in retail stores. Opting for a professional installation gives your home more options based on price, type or aesthetics. Contractors typically establish partnerships with manufacturers, which allows them to offer a greater variety of materials tailored to your specific climate and roofing needs. This diversity ensures compatibility with local weather patterns and architectural styles.

In addition to a wider selection, professional roofers have the expertise to know which materials will best suit your home’s design and structural requirements. Their industry knowledge, complemented by extensive experience, should help you end up with the right roof that meets the needs of your home and your budget.

Professional roofing companies often secure materials at reduced costs due to their volume purchases and industry relationships, savings that can be passed on to the homeowner. This provides the dual benefit of affordability and access to otherwise cost-prohibitive, high-quality materials.

Cost Efficiency in the Long Run

Investing in professional roof installation pays dividends in durability and longevity. An expertly installed roof extends the life span, thereby deferring future expenses for the homeowner.

By employing skilled roofing contractors, the use of high-quality materials and expert techniques ensures a tightly sealed and structurally sound roof. This not only prevents costly emergency repairs but also enhances overall energy efficiency, reducing utility bills over time.

DIY approaches to roofing often lead to premature degradation and unexpected failures. Conversely, professional installation assures a reliable, long-lasting roof that ultimately saves money.

Minimizing Material Wastage

Professional roofers possess precise calculation skills essential for optimizing material use. This precision mitigates excess expenditure due to over-purchasing or material mismanagement.

Expertise in measurement and layout leads to a significant reduction in materials waste. A seasoned roofing contractor meticulously plans each phase of installation, ensuring materials are utilized to their utmost potential. This process encompasses accurate cutting and fitting, eliminating unnecessary waste and associated costs. Carefully managing resources not only conserves materials but also aligns with environmentally responsible practices.

Furthermore, the experience of a professional roofer extends to logistics and inventory management. By leveraging industry knowledge, roofing professionals prevent over-ordering and limit leftover materials. This prudent approach ensures all purchased items contribute to the project, warranting efficient usage of every shingle, tile, or metal panel.

Finally, skilled roofers understand the importance of precise installation techniques to minimize offcuts and scraps. These methods help reduce the volume of unusable material, thus decreasing the need for additional resources. Efficient execution based on extensive experience guarantees a reduction in material waste, aligning the homeowner’s investment with sustainable building principles and maximizing the economic efficiency of the project.

Avoiding Future Repairs Costs

Correct installation techniques are essential to ensuring a durable and long-lasting roof. When a roof is properly installed, it is less prone to weather-related damages and typical wear and tear, subsequently decreasing the likelihood of future repair costs.

By engaging a professional roofing contractor, you benefit from their specialized expertise and advanced equipment. This means that every aspect of the installation is completed to the highest industry standards, from the initial inspection to the final sealing and finishing processes.

Moreover, contractors typically provide warranties for their workmanship and the materials used, offering additional peace of mind. Should any issues arise within the warranty period, they would be addressed by the contractor at no extra cost, potentially saving homeowners significant expenditure on repairs.

Precision in roof installation directly correlates with its resilience to environmental hazards. A roof that is expertly installed can withstand high winds, heavy rains, and snow loads more effectively than one that is not, thus preserving the integrity and extending the lifespan of your roofing system.


Hiring a reputable company to replace the roof on your property provides these benefits:

  1. Keeps you safe.
  2. Keeps you compliant.
  3. Gets the project done faster.
  4. Gives you access to more and better roofing options.
  5. And most importantly, gives you a better finished product.

Don’t compromise on the safety and quality of your roof – choose professional installation for long-lasting results.

And if you’re looking for a company you can trust, please let us know!